There’s no thrill in easy sailing when the skies are clear and blue, there’s no joy in merely doing things which any one can do. But there is some satisfaction that is mighty sweet to take, when you reach a destination that you thought you’d never make - Anonymous
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廣州東方先達環境工程有限公司是一家從事世界先進的噴泉, 音樂噴泉銷售和噴泉及音樂噴泉技術研究以及噴泉開發的綜合性股份制公司,并代理世界尖端的噴泉及音樂噴泉設備。目前主要經營的項目有美國冷霧和玻光噴泉及各式音樂噴泉、水幕電影工程等其它項目。


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